Cultivate Relational Mastery &

Nurture Soul-Nourishing Love 

May 15th - July 3rd



Harmonious Hearts 


Cultivate Relational Mastery &

Nurture Soul-Nourishing Love 


May 15th - July 3rd



Heal the Emotional Triggers Sabotaging Your Love Life


Foster a healing connection where every partner is seen, heard, and cherished...

where love becomes a transformative force that mends the wounds of the past


Every moment spent in the shadow of unhealed scars, unexpressed needs, and resentment is a missed opportunity for living, growing, and thriving in love. 

Harmonious love is an intentionally created and refined sanctuary that not only feels safe and nurturing, but becomes a portal to Divine Union. 

💔 Are Your Ready to End the Cycle of...


Feeling unheard or under-appreciated in your relationship

Feeling like you’re too much yet somehow also not enough

The fear of losing yourself in the quest for love

The fear of repeating unhealthy relationship patterns

Yearning to be met fully yet feeling unworthy

The weight of unexpressed emotions feeding guilt and resentment  



❤️ Imagine A Relationship Where You Could...


Embody harmonious love so you can live, love, and lead from the heart

Fully embrace your worth so you can ask for what you need and be fully met in love

Masterfully navigate emotional triggers so you can turn every conflict into connection

Rewire old patterns of self-protection so you can rewrite your love story

Model kind and effective communication in service to love

Create a haven for emotional safety so you can heal and flourish

Deep Soul-Nourishing Love Appears Out of Reach To Even The Most Committed Seekers


There is a hidden epidemic of conscious, kind, and loving beings struggling to attract or maintain a healthy, and harmonious intimate relationship. Did you know that only 21% of all those who get married end up having a lasting and happy marriage?  It is no surprise that the vision of love and partnership as a union that promises inspiration, growth, and fulfillment in partnership seems like an ever-more-elusive mirage. 


It is such a grim prospect that causes many of us to betray our yearning hearts and either resign to a life of solitude or convince ourselves that deep ravishing love is a matter of luck or fantasy. 


Luck has nothing to do with it. 


Most trauma is inflicted in relationships, making relationships a minefield for trauma triggers. HOWEVER, Connection Trauma Heals in Connection; making relationships also our BEST CHANCE for healing trauma. 


While unhealthy relationships are better off terminated, many others with great potential are either sabotaged by our triggers or exhausted and defeated by the impact of repeated conflicts.  When we are unable to recognize and regulate trauma responses in ourselves and our partner, we feel disempowered in navigating the journey of love.  We miss out on the potent opportunity to turn our grief into gold and our pain into medicine that heals, nurtures, and transforms.


Are You Ready To Claim Your Destiny of Harmonious Love?



"This course truly rocked my world, stretched my mind, and gave me a whole new framework for understanding my nervous system and triggers-as well as my partner's." 

"I came into this workshop not sure there was anything new to learn, and was continuously blown away by the deep wisdom and masterful coaching that Anahita brought. It truly rocked my world, stretched my mind, and gave me a whole new framework for understanding my nervous system and triggers--as well as my partners. Harmonious Hearts is the work the world is waiting for."


~ Derek Rydall, author, Emergence, The Abundance Project, DerekRydall.com

Hi, my name is Anahita Anais

I’m an Emotional Agility & NeuroHealth Coach who helps couples and dating singles overcome emotional triggers and trauma, and cultivate deep soul-nourishing love.


Your Nervous System Holds The Key To Your Liberation

Grounded in grace and guided by spirit, I navigate emotional terrains with mastery, standing courageously with an open heart to guide you home to your harmonious partnership. 

As a NeuroHealth and Emotional Agility Coach, Trauma Therapist, and Microdosing Expert, I am a healer and wisdom keeper. My mission is to mend the fractures in the tapestry of love, viewing our journey through the lens of our nervous systems.

My love life was virtually non-existent for a decade; with no promise of a loving partnership lasting more than two months. 

Decades of trauma and turmoil had armored my heart in self-protection while simultaneously I yearned for a genuine connection. I was baffled by the repeated pattern of every hopeful connection ending in abandonment and heartbreak. It took a decade of healing and self-study to call-in and nurture a harmonious union.

Like many of my clients, I grew up under conditions that led my nervous system to adopt survival strategies as my identity. These strategies that once helped me survive,  hindered my growth and capacity to attract and sustain a healthy and harmonious union.

Opening our hearts is less about the mind and more about the body, through our nervous system. When our heart's desire and our nervous system are not in alignment, we struggle with our innate drive to survive and longing to connect. 

I had to identify and dismantle where my nervous system was reactive and triggered and do the deep inner work to restore safety within and in my relations. This process has not only led me to Divine Union but also enabled me to guide many clients from conflict to connection.

Your heart's yearning is an invitation to a journey of discovery, healing, and growth, transforming you into a masterful lover capable of transmuting triggers, loneliness, and resentment into safety, connection, and fulfilling love that strengthens over time.


"Anahita is a true master and my new relationship guru!

"It wasn't just the safe and loving way Anahita facilitated us through each practice, but the profoundly practical ways she has to foster deeper intimacy in our relationship-to ourselves and each other.

Anahita is a true master and my new relationship guru! Harmonious Hearts is the missing piece in relationship coaching conversations."


~ Galit Rydall, Artist/Healer, GalitsGalaxy.com




Your Path To Soul-Nourishing Love Through Relational Mastery





Lay the Foundation for a Harmonious Healing Intimacy


Discover your rhythm for a nurturing, and fulfilling relationship. Identify where past trauma hinders soul-nourishing love, and set the stage for deep healing.

Attune to Your Body Wisdom and Postural Alchemy


Decode your body's subtle yet profound wisdom. Tune, calibrate, and align your body language and posture to live, love, and lead from the heart. 

Heal Your Nervous System to Rewrite Your Love Story


Uncover the empowering and disempowering stories behind your unique nervous system blueprint in love and intimacy. Reclaim your narrative.  

Embrace Your Journey to Self-Love By Loving Your Triggers 


Discover the hidden medicine of your triggers and how they can deepen your self-love practice in service to deep restorative intimacy.  

Masterfully Navigate Conflicts to Land in Love


Learn practical strategies to restore inner harmony during times of challenge, doubt, and despair; keep your heart open, and find your way back to love. 

Embody Ultimate Love in Devotion to Harmony 


Uncover the profound healing of partner co-regulation and learn how to transmute every conflict into medicine through your loving devotion.

Create a Haven For Emotional Safety and Flourishing Love


Discover how to foster an environment where you and your partner feel safe to express yourselves fully. This is where masks dissolve and true intimacy begins.

Cultivate Lasting Adoration and Appreciation in Intimacy


Craft your Conscious Agreements aligning your desires and values to serve as your journey's guiding light, ensuring you stay on the path to lasting love and fulfillment.


Are You Ready to Claim Your Harmonious Hearts Destiny?






12 Hours of Training & Practice

8 Live Weekly Calls

Guided Course Workbook

In-Person Workshop Option


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"She reveals the anatomy of love into eye-opening foundations that can fuel the success of any relationship." 

"Anahita has delivered beyond expert level instruction on this topic to our global network of achievers and leaders. She reveals the anatomy of love into eye-opening foundations that can fuel the success of any relationship. Truly at the top of her game."


~Paul Kirchoff, Chief Executive Officer


This journey is ideal for those committed to fostering conscious, healing, and soul-nourishing love


This program is for you if…

✔ You’re a woman committed to doing the inner work to be fully heard and cherished in a loving conscious union

✔ You’re a man with a deep burning desire ready to be seen and appreciated by a kind and supportive partner 

✔ You’re a couple committed to growth and transformation in harmonious intimacy

✔ You’re ready to invest time and energy to foster deep nurturing love

✔ You have a self-accountability and growth mindset ready to get past old wounding and rewrite your love story

✔ You’re capable of self-examination, open to trying new things, have a student mindset, and are curious and committed 

✔ You understand that your results are dependent on your openness and integration of the materials


All genders and sexual orientations are welcome



This program is not for anyone unwilling to take accountability for their contribution to dysfunction in relationships and dating


You should not join this program if… 

✔ You’re expecting results but aren’t willing to do the work

✔ You’re doing this for your partner and have no intention of fully committing to the program

✔ You’re unwilling to challenge your assumptions and take responsibility for your reality 

✔ You rather stay where you are, keep your heart closed, and blame others for your challenges in love 

✔ You’re intolerant of sexual orientations and lifestyles differing from yours

✔ You’re unable to engage respectfully and honor our community guidelines






Interested to join but have questions?


Book a call with Anahita to discuss.