Design, Nurture, and Optimize Your Practice

This isn't your average microdosing journal. Mindful Microdosing is above all a practice of empowerment, presence, and subtlety. This expert-crafted journal is designed to help you Start, Track, and Optimize your microdosing practice for profound and lasting results. 

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The #1 Rated Microdosing Journal


Tested and optimized for years. If you’re looking for QUALITY, EXPERTISE, and an EFFECTIVE EASY-TO-FOLLOW process, this is where you’ll find it.

Expert-Crafted Guides

Our journal comes with expert tips and guidance on how to safely source mushrooms, how to find your dose and dosing schedule, and how to design a dosing ritual authentic to you, PLUS a curated online library of guides and tips exclusively for our journal holders!

Easy Tracking

Effective planning and tracking of your dose and experiences is essential to accessing the benefits of your practice. There is no one-size-fits-all. Our easy planning and tracking features help you feel confident and empowered to develop your own practice. 

Designed For Results

If you're serious about microdosing for health, wellness, focus, creativity, and more, you're going to need a solid design and template that keeps you focused and committed to your goals. Our journal is designed to help you attain insights and implement structures that radically improve your outcomes. 

David Z.

I had been microdosing on my own for a while but the structure and insights in this journal took my practice to the next level. 

Kelly S.

I LOVE this journal! The daily & weekly themes have really helped me become more aware and begin changing my patterns. 

Eric R. 

I was skeptical but as a first-timer, this journal gave me the confidence to start microdosing and actually experience the benefits!  

START, TRACK, and OPTIMIZE your microdosing journey, with this EXPERT-CRAFTED design


Step-by-step guided process including:

  • How to choose your Dose
  • How to choose a Dosing Protocol
  • How to set up a Mindful Practice
  • How to Design a Ritual authentic to you
  • Planning Calendar
  • Tracking System to enhance your outcomes
  • Daily and Weekly themes, prompts, and journal sections
  • 140 pages designed to support a full microdosing cycle (6 weeks)


Anahita Anais Parseghian is a Multidisciplinary Leadership Advisor, Microdosing Expert, Regenerative Performance Alchemist, Trauma Healer, and Wisdom Keeper.

Her work is rooted in her decade+ experience as a carrier of ancient wisdom traditions, a medicine woman, a psychedelic facilitator, a resilience expert, and a product leader in the tech sector.

Anahita is the founder and chief editor at as well as where she has a thriving practice coaching leaders and change-makers. 

She is trained and certified in Mental Health Integrative Medicine, various Somatic Trauma Therapy modalities, Positive Intelligence, and Holistic Health, Wellness, and Chronic Pain Coaching.

This Journal Is For You If You...


  • Are just getting started
  • Already have a practice
  • Want to set up a solid foundation for your practice
  • Seek improved outcomes and lasting results
  • Like to follow an effective and simple structure
  • Want to practice mindfulness without the woo-woo
  • Working on forming new healthy habits

Structured as both a comprehensive resource for self-guided microdosing practice, as well as an accompaniment for the Mindful Microdosing online self-paced course.


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"This journal is a total game-changer! It gave me the confidence and structure I needed to start microdosing in a more methodical and effective way. Being able to track my dose, diet, intention, and experiences with the neat weekly and daily themes really helped shape my practice and empower me to achieve my goals." - Andrea H.