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If you are seeking greater cognitive performance, stress management, mental health, and emotional well-being and are ready to invest time and resources to achieve lasting vitality, fulfillment, and freedom, you are invited to apply for a complimentary Optimized Brain Strategy Session with me.  


My comprehensive BioPsychoSocial approach delivers massive transformation in body, mind, and spirit. 


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What You Will Receive In Your Optimized Brain Strategy Session


During our 30-minute audio call, we will explore your vision of an ideal business and life. I will take you through a discovery process where we unearth any hidden barriers that hinder your optimal brain performance, and design a 3-9 month plan to accelerate your brain health using my proven integrative brain optimization strategies for enhanced focus, memory, creativity, and mental health. You will leave with actionable insights and recommendations that will help you improve your brain health. 


Here is what we will do together: 


✅ Expert Review Of Your Lifestyle & Medications for optimal brain health

✅ Explore An Optimized Brain Strategy to fit your goals

✅ Microdosing Protocol Recommendations to enhance your outcomes


Does this sound like a good plan? If so, then grab some time in my online calendar for your complimentary session:

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This questionnaire gives me a snapshot of your current health status and goals so that I have all the info I need to make the most of our time together, and to determine if I am the best person to help you. Your booking request will not go through if you do not complete the questionnaire.


3. Check your email for a response. 

If you are approved, and one of the selected times is confirmed. Please make sure that it is added to your calendar. If you are not approved, you will be notified via email as well, and receive resources via the newsletter in which to support your journey.


4. Show up for your session.

Reminder emails will be automatically sent via email to prompt you of your upcoming session. Please look out for them, and I look forward to connecting with you!

Client Success Stories    

Anahita's practice and methods integrating supplementation, plant medicine, breath work, movement, meditation, real time monitoring (Oura), and mindset have provided me with an unparalleled combination of complementary treatments and techniques. I learn something profound and new during every interaction. 

Roderick Casilli 
CEO, Ciredor Capital

My experience with Anahita was absolutely profound. I give Anahita my highest level of recommendation if you chose to take this journey. She embodies the wisdom and integration that will spearhead your continued path. I have a completely new team health protocol in my corporate career, inspiration for how to help solve some of the world's biggest problems.

Michelle Berry
Corporate Account Executive, Google

A Trustworthy Ally and Embodied Visionary Leader, Anahita is a true mentor and guide. Passionate about what she teaches, she is engaging, warm, wise, genuine, and caring. The tools, practices, and resources she shares are life-changing and the perspective shifts she catalyzes can be truly illuminating. The value of what Anahita teaches is immeasurable and extends far beyond the parameters of her courses.

Nadine Shelly
Somatic & Expressive Arts Therapist

Anahita is a consummate professional. I felt safe and deeply cared for and especially appreciated the healing nature of her musical gifts. She has a deep wisdom nurtured by years of unique life experience that informs everything she does. And leaves you a better human because of it. So grateful.

Greg Casserly
CEO, Tarsadia

Surviving life-threatening cancer, divorce and career adjustment created a lot of trauma/anxiety within me. I was referred to Anahita through a friend and to say that interaction helped save my life is not me being hyperbolic. Anahita developed a program to specifically address my issues and the results have been truly wonderful. I now have a platform of skills, and resources that help keep me balanced, living within the moment (knowing we all struggle at times), and enjoying life. I'm beyond grateful.

David Kaplan
Biotech Executive

I came to Anahita after many years of trying various resources to heal my trauma and I kept reverting back to old habits & methods. After my first 30-minute consult with Anahita, I knew I was headed in the right direction for long-term healing. Anahita has a fantastic presence about her that completely makes one feel safe, supported & truly heard. She has an energy about her that is contagious & sparks curiosity for the better. I loved her approach to healing & feel like she has left a very lasting impact on my life for the better.

Molly Frier
Founder, Key & Commons

She not only guided me through practices to regulate my nervous system but also helped me realize my worth, resilience, and deep self-love. It’s been nearly a year since I completed our 12-month program together. I have never felt so sturdy and present in my whole life. I am just happy that I invested in myself and feel blessed to still be here. Anahita helped me save my own life. I am forever grateful and honored to have had Anahita as my coach.

Christina Costa Qualls
Makeup Artist

The experience I have had with Anahita coaching me through the past few months has been unbelievable. I've learned how to breathe, relieve back pain and tension, and microdose for improved mental and emotional health.
The experience has been out of this world. I strongly recommend anyone to use her service for significant and lasting results. She is caring, understanding, and most of all an amazing counselor.

Neil Nunweiler
CEO, DMT Business Group